Paul Catanese, Hybrid Media Artist

Regarding the Experiments
Collection and experimentation are integral aspects of my process; collection occurs within and outside of the machine – drawing sketches, finding objects, creating images, forming words and sounds, all the time placing these fragments in a loose mess like a stack of papers strewn across a desk. By shuffling, cutting, breaking, glueing and mending these collections, patterns emerge that spurn experiments with patterns of their own. Not every experiment is successful or of immediate use. Others serve their purpose by helping me to hone a particular idea or thought leading to renewed inspiration to collect.

Eigengrau / Expanded Artist's Books – Research Grant
Handmade Media – Research Grant
Visiting Artist Laboratory, Central School Project – Bisbee, Arizona

Fragments, Prototypes and Sketches
Many of these experiments were created with Macromedia Director prior to 2005. Some are Quicktime movies, some are interactive, most all are quick sketches, fragments from larger projects that have materialized or proof of concept pieces for interface elements.

Mastigias Migration Continental Drift Nematode Mouse (Blend) Color Analyzer Fragment: Sleep
Painterly Smooth Mouse (Reflective) Flow Memory II Mouse (Centric) Hypothetical Dialog Sumi Method
Autosonic Cellular I Fragment: Violins Fragment: Witch Bird Fragment: Kite Test Multipoint (ghost)
Simple Filters B Attract / Repel Simple Filters A Feedback Drawing Painterly Rough Paper Bird
Vortices Basic Flow Field Mouse (Reverse) Mouse (scalefield) Sound Map Image Deformer