Paul Catanese, Hybrid Media Artist

Visible from Space
2009 - Present | Multi-Modal Artwork

About: Visible from Space (2009-present) project was exhibited at the Chicago Cultural Center, Sidney R. Yates Gallery from July 8, 2016 for a three month residency & exhibition open through September 27. During this residency & exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center, modes of production from the artist studio, film set, black box theater, and site-specific installation intermingled as I composed large-scale diagrammatic drawings on the floor of the gallery using a modular set of props that includes reflective film, agricultural netting, aerial targeting panels, mooring posts, and hundreds of rigid dimensional lines. At regularly scheduled times, I piloted a 12-foot blimp to fly over, observe, project and record aerial footage of these viewed from the moon works; during the course of the residency, these scenes were be edited into a long-form variable-channel video. Visit the Chicago Cultural Center website to learn about all of the programming during the exhibition...