Paul Catanese, Hybrid Media Artist

Century of Progress / Sleep
2017 - Present | Cross-Disciplinary Opera

Spring 2019 Update I'm delighted to share that I've been named the Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation Artist-in-Residence at Colgate University for Spring 2019 that will culminate in a series of performances on April 4, 5, and 6 of the next phase of my opera: Century of Progress / Sleep to be staged in the Ho Tung Visualization Lab / Planetarium Dome. Learn more at Colgate University News...

About: Century of Progress / Sleep is a cross-disciplinary opera for voice, electronics, musical saw, sea drum, ship's bell, tuning fork, and live-cinema scenography. This work imagines that inanimate objects, hyperobjects and hypothetical entities, having recently acquired consciousness, immediately reject rational systems for conceptualizing 'the nature of things ' and instead adopt an intellectual posture of epistemological chaos emerging from mutative half-truths, mischaracterizations of science, and lawless theories of knowledge. This variable-duration work navigates a geometric libretto — a terrain of texts — via electronically processed vocals that energize a plurality of software instruments resulting in a hypnotic, mirage-like soundscape.